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From the datacentre to the desktop.

Comtec Power Solutions

Comtec Power delivers a range of award-winning solutions across both the public and private sectors. Our UK customers demand performance, resilience and efficiency for financial services, local government, utilities and manufacturing applications.

Datacentre solutions from Comtec Power help organisations to meet a myriad of challenges. Whether you are looking to increase your datacentre’s efficiency and lower PUE, deploy high-density white space or implement a DCIM solution to improve manageability and utility, Comtec Power has a solution to fit.

Datacentre Management Software (DCIM)

Where companies are challenging their IT department to cut costs, simplify processes and speed up the delivery of information, datacentre infrastructure management (DCIM) software can offer a clear value-add.
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Extend The Life Of Your Datacentre

Running out of datacentre capacity can seriously hamper organisational growth as well as the provisioning of new products and services. Once you’ve run out of any single datacentre resource (power, cooling, physical space) you can’t fully exploit the others.
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High Density and Performance Datacentres

Super-computing performance is increasingly sought after; not just by branches of research, entertainment and academia, but by business users from all walks of life.
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Improving Datacentre Efficiency And PUE

Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) was defined by the Green Grid as a measure of datacentre infrastructure efficiency; it compares the power use of the facility against the power used by the IT equipment it contains to give an idea of how efficiently the system is working.
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Modular and Containerised Datacentres

The modular datacentre has attracted a lot of press attention as it has gained traction over traditional approaches for physical infrastructure in retro-fit and new build developments.
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Server Room and Datacentre Consolidation

When it comes to datacentre consolidation, preparation is all-important. There are some vital steps that need to be taken, in order to arrive at an informed decision as to what can realistically be consolidated and which sites should host your consolidated IT.
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Small IT Solutions

The best location for IT equipment is in a dedicated environment; one where power, cooling and security can be managed effectively.
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