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Value-add services for IT and datacentres

Comtec Power Services

Comtec Power provides a range of value-add services for IT and datacentre professionals. Our expert team of datacentre designers, consultants and project managers is on hand to provide advice and expertise; whether you are planning a new facility or looking to get more out of your current infrastructure.

Datacentre and server room assessment

Benchmarking your datacentre can provide the information necessary to better manage any facility for optimum performance, extend the life of hardware and ensure the highest level of availability for network services.
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Datacentre Consultancy, Design and Build

When planning a new facility, we consider the entire scope of operations. Making your datacentre work practically and efficiently, as well as technically, is a significant part of the design criteria.
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Datacentre maintenance services

Our datacentre maintenance services provide access to vendor-trained and accredited engineers, certified parts and the latest firmware and software updates to keep your critical systems operating in peak condition.
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UPS battery testing and replacement services

Battery failures account for a high proportion of unplanned datacentre outages. Poorly maintained batteries can have a significantly reduced operational life so, should the mains fail, you could find yourself without essential IT services.
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