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Small IT Solutions.

Availability and reliability for smaller implementations


The best location for IT equipment is in a dedicated environment; one where power, cooling and security can be managed effectively. However, most organisations will have a large number of IT devices installed in offices and other places that are not specifically designed for that purpose and for smaller businesses, branch offices or home-workers, the costs associated with a dedicated datacentre or server room simply can’t be justified.

The trouble is, IT and communications equipment installed in non-dedicated spaces are prone to downtime for all sorts of reasons. Wedging a piece of IT equipment into a tight, hot and poorly ventilated space is far from ideal. In addition, housing your critical IT in an unmanaged and unsecured location, such as a cupboard or under your desk, makes it difficult to protect.

Access to broadband connectivity is a given for provisioning IT services; but if your business relies on remote access, the cloud or an outsourced data centre, any on-premise equipment takes on an even more critical role as it provides the main gateway to these services – the internet.

Comtec Power provides a range of solutions for managing smaller IT environments; from auditing power supply, runtime and protection available to your equipment to helping you consolidate your IT equipment into a better ventilated and more secure environment; even within your own office space.

We provide a comprehensive service to help improve the availability and reliability of the equipment on which your IT services depend. We can also help you cut the costs of powering and protecting your IT and even save you money on your business communications bills.


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