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Server Room & Consolidation.

Brining together your datacentres


When it comes to datacentre consolidation, preparation is all-important. There are some vital steps that need to be taken, in order to arrive at an informed decision as to what can realistically be consolidated and which sites should host your consolidated IT. Whilst the IT estate, bandwidth, connectivity, storage capacity and degrees of virtualisation are important, so is an appreciation of power, cooling and physical space requirements.

When considering suitable sites for consolidation it is important to have an accurate understanding of the physical infrastructure. Failure to accurately account for capacity can lead to gross over or under-provisioning of resources, rendering the consolidated facility either needlessly expensive or inflexible and unable to scale for future growth.

Many organisations find that, post-consolidation or virtualisation, their datacentres have become less efficient and PUE has actually increased. This is because the underlying physical infrastructure – the power and cooling – is no longer sized appropriately for the load. Over-sizing is a major cause of datacentre inefficiency, wasted energy and inflated operating costs.

Comtec Power combines expertise in physical datacentre infrastructure with in-depth knowledge and understanding of IT and communications technology to deliver an integrated consolidation service. We provide support from auditing your current resources to planning, designing and fitting out a cost-effective and scalable solution to meet the demands of a modern IT environment.

Datacentres and server rooms designed and built by Comtec Power accommodate the high power and density requirements of virtualised servers – the engine behind cloud computing – and DCIM software provides monitoring and management of rack-level power and cooling to mitigate the risk of downtime associated with dynamic loads.


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