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Improving Datacentre Efficiency And PUE.

Lower PUE and enhanced datacentre efficiency


Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) was defined by the Green Grid as a measure of datacentre infrastructure efficiency; it compares the power use of the facility against the power used by the IT equipment it contains to give an idea of how efficiently the system is working. Improving your PUE can be an indication that your physical infrastructure is working more efficiently to delivering power to your IT.

In some respects, PUE can be a misleading figure. For example, it doesn’t tell you anything about IT efficiency or utilisation (there are other metrics like ITUE and ITEE for that).
In addition, some strategies used to lower overall datacentre energy use (such as virtualisation or load consolidation) can result in a worsening of the PUE. This is not the ideal scenario if you are looking to secure investment for a datacentre upgrade.

Whether your main driver is to lower the cost of datacentre operations, improve infrastructure efficiency or reduce carbon emissions, Comtec Power can help. Our experience in datacentre design, build and management underlies our commitment to ensuring the optimum return on your datacentre investment, from capital expenditure to operating costs.

Our datacentre upgrades and improvements provide quick results with a short payback period and clear ROI. From something as simple as improving airflow management for blanking panels, to deploying fully-contained hot aisles or implementing DCIM software, at Comtec Power we offer a pragmatic approach to improving datacentre efficiency.

The first step to improving your PUE is an analysis of your current facility. This could be a free walk-through assessment or a full Schneider Electric EnergyStep audit.
However you choose to address the PUE challenge, we will tailor our solutions to help you achieve the best possible PUE within your budget or provide support to build a business case for additional investment.


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