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High Density & Performance.

Performance, density and speed


Super-computing performance is increasingly sought after; not just by branches of research, entertainment and academia, but by business users from all walks of life. The availability of multi-threaded processors with low cost and compact, high throughput servers, have brought this capability within the reach of many commercial IT budgets.

However, supercomputers and high-performance computing installations typically consume large amounts power and present a significant challenge in terms of cooling. Thousands of processors, tightly packed together, generate a significant amount of heat; heat that needs to be removed quickly and efficiently. Ensuring that servers remain available and do not suffer thermal shutdown becomes a major management issue within these complex environments.

It takes experience to design and build a datacentre environment that provides reliable, high-performance computing as well as dependable back-up and recovery. As a leading Elite Partner to Schneider Electric, Comtec Power have been delivering high-performance and high-density datacentres for academic and commercial organisations throughout the UK for more than 15 years. We appreciate that every project is unique, so we start by understanding the critical nature of your facility as well as requirements for systems redundancy and scalability, availability and resilience.

High-density architecture, combined with strategies such as hot-aisle containment, enables our experts to deliver power densities exceeding 30kW/rack position with fully predictable cooling performance and low PUE. Comtec Power datacentre solutions are always hallmarked by efficiency and manageability to ensure that operating costs are minimised.

Contact the team directly for more details about our high-performance and high-density datacentre offerings, or to arrange a reference site visit to see how other customers have benefitted from our experience.


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