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Extend The Life Of Your Datacentre.

Datacentre upgrades and capacity management


Running out of datacentre capacity can seriously hamper organisational growth as well as the provisioning of new products and services. Once you’ve run out of any single datacentre resource (power, cooling, physical space) you can’t fully exploit the others. This not only results in demand for unscheduled or unbudgeted capital expenditure, but also a cross-examination from the executive board if you fail to deliver the planned return on the original investment.

Before you start working on the business case for building a new datacentre, it’s worth considering whether your existing facility can be upgraded. Extending the life of your datacentre will improve the ROI over its engineering lifecycle; not only will it save time, but also save on unnecessary capital expenditure and, potentially, help reduce current operating costs.

Comtec Power offers a wide range of solutions to extend the life of your datacentre. Starting with a walk-through assessment of your current facility we are able to provide DCIM solutions, implement hot and cold aisle containment and increase your power and cooling capacity with modular, containerised solutions.

As a Software Partner to Schneider Electric, our class-leading datacentre software solutions help you manage the additions and changes to your IT load; so you can evaluate their impact on your physical infrastructure moving forward. Using DCIM software, you can both model and manage changes in a way that minimises the change of stranded (or unusable) space, power or cooling capacity. It can also help keep your datacentre efficient and secure.

When circumstances dictate a change to your physical infrastructure, we are experienced in the deployment of room-neutral contained aisles to accommodate an increase in computing capacity or the addition of pre-engineered facility modules to increase your power and cooling capacity.

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