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Datacentre Management Software.

Maximise the efficient use of your datacentre

DCIM – Data Centre Infrastructure Management

Schneider Electric offer a number of tools to provide efficient management of the data centre.

Data Center Expert

Efficient on-premise data center power, cooling, security, and environmental monitoring that gives you the reports, graphs, instant fault notification and escalation you need to quickly resolve events and ensure the high availability of your critical infrastructure.

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EcoStruxure IT Expert

Beyond incident solving, incident preventing.

Advanced cloud based remote monitoring for wherever-you-go visibility and alarms, predictive maintenance, and data-driven recommendations to mitigate security and failure risks of your data center and distributed IT infrastructure.

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EcoStruxure IT Gateway

The gateway between the Cloud and your Datacenter.

Free software that handles communication with your monitored devices, gathering and sending device data for smart alarm notification.

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EcoStruxure IT Advisor

IT is complicated, let’s simplify it.

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software for planning, modeling, and optimization of your data center and colocation operations through assets tracking, risk management, and integrations with 3rd party systems, eliminating dependency on complex spreadsheets.

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IT threats, made idle.

The industry’s most comprehensive solution of security and environmental appliances to ensure your IT assets are protected against environmental or human physical threats.

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