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Upgrade Your Data Centre Infrastructure With Comtec

With IT advances and changes to your business requirements, you need data centre solutions which can grow with you, as you refresh your IT, to facilitate organisational growth and the provisioning of new products and services. That’s where Comtec can help.

As an Elite Partner to Schneider Electric, we offer a wide range of solutions to extend the life of your data centre through strategies like aisle containment, close-coupled cooling and prefabricated data centre modules. We give you the option to deploy additional capacity and create an environment for latest generation IT, and then manage it for efficiency and availability with best-in-class DCIM software.

And if upgrading an existing facility is not the best option, we can provide the capacity you need through our cloud and managed services. So whether you need additional compute resource for bursting at peak times, or ongoing hybrid or private cloud support, Comtec provide the right mix of data centre environments to keep your infrastructure aligned with your corporate strategy. With the confidence of knowing we only work with the most reliable manufacturers in the industry.

Features and benefits of upgrading with our Elite Range of Vendor Solutions

  • We are an award-winning Schneider Electric Elite Partner.
  • We offer unrivalled experience when integrating physical infrastructure, management software with the IT layer in the data centre.
  • Our considerable knowledge of Multi-Vendor infrastructure solutions means we can accommodate data centre upgrades to match your specific business requirements.

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Why Comtec?

APC Elite PartnerComtec Power is a Schneider Electric Elite Partner. Our combination of IT and physical infrastructure expertise is the ideal mix to help you reduce your data centre PUE; without compromising the availability of your IT services or the resilience of your facility. Our award-winning global data centre designs have helped customers reduce costs and improve efficiency.

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