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Design & Build Consultancy.


As demand for IT services grows, and IT strategies evolve, datacentre and server room environments become increasingly unpredictable. Comtec Power consultants can help ensure that growth and change are managed efficiently and that strategies such as virtualisation and high-density computing can flourish in your datacentre; delivering significant business benefits, regardless of resource constraints.

Datacentre Operation and Functionality
Our consultants and designers assume a holistic approach to datacentre planning. They take into consideration the broader scope of room operation and functionality when designing a facility, including:

  • Utilisation of the room by IT personnel
  • Protection of equipment from water and fire
  • Air conditioning
  • UPS and power redundancy
  • Power usage & efficiency

Making the facility work practically and efficiently, as well as technically, is a significant part of our design criteria. More than 15 years’ experience of datacentre design and build has taught us what works and what doesn’t, from coordinating high and low level services, floor and ceiling grid set‐off points to reflected lighting plans and equipment positions

Project Management and Quality Assurance
Comtec Power can produce full CAD designs and layouts for incorporation into the architectural or main contractor drawing packages. Our designs are converted into full specification and/or tender documentation for issue to the various sub‐contractors either directly by Comtec Power or through a main contractor. Our activities extend to liaising with local authorities for planning permission and building regulations as well as with the fire officer and District Surveyor. Comtec Power maintains a constant management and quality assurance role throughout the construction of the new room.

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