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Datacentre & Server Room Assessment.

Meet your energy usage goals

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A detailed assessment of your datacentre can provide you with valuable management information, support performance improvement initiatives, help extend the life of your hardware and ensure high levels of service availability. However, finding the time and resource available to carry out an audit can be a challenge for a busy datacentre professional.

Vendor-neutral datacentre assessment
Comtec Power provides an objective, vendor-neutral datacentre assessment service. The assessment comprises a detailed analysis of facility and infrastructure components, including power, cooling and rack configuration, for datacentres and server rooms of all sizes.

A typical assessment begins with a detailed questionnaire and is followed by a site visit, where one of our team of consultants will gather first-hand information on the environmental conditions of your facility; including critical infrastructure capacity and use, temperature and humidity readings, cooling effectiveness and the general condition of your power and cooling equipment.

This data is then used as the basis for a comprehensive report that will include an analysis of digital photography, thermal imaging and field measurements. The report will highlight any potential problem areas and include recommendations to address the specific issues raised; including any over or under-resourcing, how to optimise your current environment and how to extend the life of your facility.

A Comtec Power datacentre assessment can be a used to justify investment in increasing efficiency, manageability and flexibility to deliver a longer-term return on investment and lower operating costs.

EnergySTEP datacentre assessments
The EnergySTEP (Energy Sustainability Tiered Efficiency Program) datacentre assessment provides datacentre professionals with a customisable service to help them meet energy usage goals, business needs and financial targets. It focuses on datacentre improvements that will help to drive down the spiralling cost of energy while ensuring maximum availability.

  • EnergySTEP1 – An entry-level assessment to enable datacentre performance benchmarking – an important step toward effective energy management.
  • EnergySTEP datacentre assessment – A detailed, customisable assessment of the power, cooling, physical infrastructure and operational efficiencies of your datacentre.
Providing datacentre managers with an assessment of energy usage and efficiency empowers them to make informed decisions on optimising their infrastructure. The recommendations included with Schneider Electric’s EnergySTEP datacentre assessment result in optimised energy usage, reduced operating costs and the prioritisation of datacentre improvements to better manage capital expenses.
Geoff Denham, Comtec Power.

The comprehensive EnergySTEP report provides vendor-neutral recommendations for improving efficiency and maximising availability, along with an estimate of cost savings and an ROI analysis. Analysis can be presented in accordance with the Green Grid Datacentre Maturity Model Equaliser; benchmarking performance against more than 40 assessment criteria and mapping the steps required to achieve greater energy efficiency and sustainability.

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