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Physical Infrastructure.

Protect your datacentre from the threat of fire


EcoStruxure Row Data Center (formerly APC InfraStruxure™) encompasses our integrated and scalable row solutions that will modernize your physical infrastructure. Integrated row-based data center solution that dramatically reduces time and complexity from design to installation and operation.

  • Rules-based designs from standardized components to reduce install time and decrease risk
  • Best-in-class design tool for fast, easy configuration
  • Modular designs that easily scale up or down
  • Fast – Quick and simple to configure, deliver, and install
  • Integrated – Rules-based architecture designed to work as a system
  • Efficient – Best-in-class components and system designs
  • Reliable – Backed by legendary reliability with thousands of solutions installed
  • Scalable – Modular components that can be configured to exact requirements
  • Simple – Standard components designed to seamlessly integrate together

Datacentre standby power generation

The standby diesel generator is considered a symbol of uptime for many datacentres, where it provides continuous emergency power to support IT and physical infrastructure loads in the event of an extended utility power loss or blackout.

Considering the potential loss of revenue or productivity, or in the worst cases, damage to their brands, many companies consider the safety net provided by a standby generation to be a vital component in continuity planning – despite the overall reliability of the Grid!

Ensuring that generators are primed, warmed, and well maintained for reliable operation, and that the electrical system is well designed and effective, are essential for a flawless transition to standby power until the mains supply is restored. All too often, we see headlines about the loss of datacentre services despite an extensive investment in standby equipment.

Comtec Power can help ensure that your datacentre or server room is robust and able to ride minor and major interruptions in utility supply. Because we are expert in datacentre UPS too, we can supply a complete standby system which is fully compatible and sized to ensure reliable and efficient operation when an emergency visits.

Datacentre fire detection and suppression

Ensuring your datacentre is protected from the hazards of fire is critical. An integrated system, which identifies potential fire threats at the earliest point, highlights the risk and neutralises it without any delay is an essential precaution for modern datacentres and server rooms. To meet the need, Comtec Power provides a range of integrated fire detection and suppression systems

The right detection system
Early warning begins with smoke detection. VESDA systems provide continuous sampling of air within a datacentre. Highly sensitive to the composition of the room atmosphere, they can easily detect the presence of fire long before smoke is actually visible, buying additional time for response.

The right suppression agent
Water-based systems such as sprinklers are simply not appropriate in today’s technical rooms, and professionals favour gaseous agents such as HFC-227ea, FM-200, and Novec 1230, which starve the atmosphere of the necessary heat and oxygen to support combustion without damaging either the equipment or data which it creates and stores.

Raised Access Floors and False Ceilings

With the advent of contained hot aisle datacentre solutions, floor and ceiling plenums are not an absolute must to create efficient and effective airflow. However, they can provide a pleasing method for finishing datacentre interiors and fit-outs, and for concealing cables and wiring, pipe work and other unsightly infrastructure.

Comtec Power designs and installs access flooring systems and false ceilings in a variety of finishes and surfaces. Our solutions enable easy access, maintenance and cleaning in the datacentre, and they can be selected for various properties such as to improve sound absorption, fire containment and electrostatic protection.

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