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Advanced cooling systems

Comtec Power for Uniflair Precision Cooling

Comtec Power is your first choice for Uniflair brand, technologically advanced cooling systems for the construction industry, telecommunications, datacentres, ISPs and Cloud Service Providers as well as Industrial and Comfort air conditioning.

Uniflair Chilled Water products offer flexible cooling solutions perfect for racked and non-racked IT loads. They meet the diverse requirements of the datacentre environment to efficiently provide cooling at the room level. Uniflair offers a fully adaptable, assemble to order product line that provides variable fan technology and intelligent control for a more efficient solution.

Precision Air Conditioning
Uniflair precsion air conditioning units ensure optimum temperature and humidity is maintained wherever environmental conditions must be ensured for reliable functioning of vital technology and equipment.

Technical Cooling
Uniflair provide chillers and heat pumps for air conditioning equipment rooms, for cooling industrial processes and for comfort air conditioning systems. Uniflar solutions include containerised systems for air-cooled and free cooling chillers as well as a condenserless water chiller.

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