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Schneider Electric.

Integrated StruxureWare DCIM management software

Comtec Power for Schneider Electric

Comtec Power is a leading UK Elite Partner and Software Partner to Schneider Electric for their integrated StruxureWare DCIM management software and APC InfraStruxure architecture for on-demand datacentres.

The interconnectedness between the systems which support facility and IT space can affect datacentre performance, availability, energy efficiency, and agility. It can also impact the ability of business to respond to strategic decisions or future technology changes. To meet these challenges, datacentres need to be Business-wise, Future-drivenTM — from building to rack.

By delivering integrated datacentre architecture and software needed to support environments that seamlessly bridge facilities and IT, Schneider ElectricTM has redefined the term ‘datacentre’ itself. We call this system ‘datacentre physical infrastructure’. It is a new and essential category which is faster and easier to deploy, and which delivers the highest availability and energy efficiency – regardless of where you are in your datacentre’s life cycle.

Datacentre physical infrastructure
Our integrated datacentre physical infrastructure removes the management silos and interoperability challenges that have plagued legacy datacentres for years:

    • Reduced total datacentre life cycle cost up to 13% and 30% of physical infrastructure cost over 10 years
    • Optimised datacentre availability from 99.9% to 99.999%
    • Faster and easier performance, reducing design and deployment time from years to weeks
    • Advanced operations – energy-saving simulation, workflow, and life cycle management
    • Connectivity to VMware® through vSphere™ and Microsoft® SCOM via ProPack to automate virtualization, and Cisco EnergyWise to support enterprise energy efficiency.

Business-wise, Future-driven
With modular components that are pre-engineered and pretested to work together, our approach enables companies to adapt their infrastructure at the speed of business to make the datacentre an integral part of the company’s business.

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