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Infrastructure management solutions

Comtec Power for Raritan Infrastructure Solutions

Comtec Power is a leading UK source for Raritan’s IT infrastructure management solutions, including KVM, power and serial monitoring and DCIM datacentre management software.

Raritan power and energy management, KVM and access solutions are used to control millions of IT devices in more than 50,000 datacentres worldwide. Raritan solutions offer IT and facility directors, managers and administrators the control they need to increase power management efficiency, improve datacentre productivity and enhance branch office operations.

Raritan intelligent PDUs, combined with energy management software and environmental sensors, offer remote power control and monitoring at the rack and device level, empowering datacentre owners with information to improve uptime and capacity planning, while efficiently utilising energy to save power and money.

Raritan’s access solutions, including KVM, serial and centralized management devices, offer unprecedented control of servers to maintain mission-critical environments.

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