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Protection solutions for datacentres

Comtec Power for APC by Schneider Electric

Comtec Power is a leading UK Elite Partner and Software Partner to Schneider Electric for its APC branded, power, cooling and protection solutions for datacentres.

Comtec Power for Right-sized, APC Datacentre UPS Solutions
Ensuring that critical infrastructure and IT equipment is protected from unforeseen power events is a key function of today’s 24x7x365 datacentres. To meet future uncertainties and to ensure effective and efficient infrastructure, you need power protection which can enable capacity to be added to adapt to ever evolving server and storage technology requirements and business needs.

APC Symmetra® PX series UPS serve as the power train for APC InfraStruxure™ architecture for on-demand datacentres. Scalable power capacity is a cornerstone for agile infrastructure; it reduces the cost of over-sizing, enables protection and runtime to be added as needed, and simplifies installation and maintenance.

Comtec Power for APC Datacentre Cooling
Schneider Electric provides room, row and rack-based cooling solutions which together with its StruxureWare for datacentres DCIM software can ensure that cooling provision is exactly matched to a variable load, keeping your datacentre Business-wise, Future-driven.

Adding cooling capacity to accommodate high density IT equipment or eliminate the risk of hot spots and thermal shutdowns has been made easier with the introduction of precision rack, row and overhead datacentre cooling solutions.

APC pioneered InRow “close coupled cooling”, a modular response to the demand for more scalable and predictable datacentre cooling. By eliminating recirculation and the mixing of hot and cool air streams, it can significantly reduce datacentre energy use, improve PUE and lower operating costs.

Comtec Power for APC Datacentre Physical Infrastructure
In addition to APC Symmetra UPS, MGE Galaxy UPS and Smart-UPS, Comtec Power are your first choice partner for APC InRow cooling equipment as well as APC’s range of floor standing and rack-mounted PDUs, and APC NetShelter cabinets for datacentre installations, special applications and in-office installations.

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