How to monitor multiple datacentres without lifting a finger

Amid all this talk of web-scale cloud infrastructure, big data systems and the sheer scale of information growth, it’s worth remembering that the largest datacentres don’t always present the biggest technical and operational challenges. Quite the contrary in fact.

Look at the facts. Large, central sites are typically staffed by dedicated datacentre professionals and are often equipped with a myriad of built-in redundancies and security technology. Smaller, distributed server rooms and comms cabinets on the other hand, are looked after by individuals with multiple responsibilities, only one of which might be to keep an eye out for problems. These facilities are less likely to have significant security measures and are prone to more unplanned downtime than their larger counterparts. No matter how well a server room or wiring closet is planned, the risk of outages is always present.

The answer is remote monitoring systems that continually scan for problems, and you can find out more about these in this informative whitepaper: ‘How Monitoring Systems Reduce Human Error in Distributed Server Rooms and Remote Wiring Closets’ .

But what if you don’t have the time or capacity to monitor the monitoring system or read its reports? What you need is a sixth sense…

An automated monitoring service reduces even more human error than a monitoring system

Schneider Electric’s StruxureOn is a digital monitoring service that proactively minimises downtime and reduces break-fix resolution time through smart alarming, remote troubleshooting and visibility into your device lifecycle.

It works by connecting securely with an extensive range of thousands of networked Schneider Electric and third-party devices. This enables authorised personnel to know the status of their datacentre anytime, anywhere via a simple mobile app.

StruxureOn gives you:

● Easy access to all the devices on your network, right at your fingertips
● Alarms bundled according to relevance, and sent every 5 minutes (or instantly if you subscribe to the premium service)
● Drilldowns into any device or alarm to start troubleshooting on the go
● Access to live and historical sensor and device data directly on your smartphone

As a Schneider Electric (APC) Elite Partner and Service Partner, Comtec Power is able to offer StruxureOn to all Advantage Service Plan customer at no extra cost. Get connected straight away by following this easy three-step approach .

Customers can upgrade their critical devices to the Premium version to get:

● Live alarms
● Proactive troubleshooting
● Proactive service dispatch from a Schneider Electric/APC accredited Comtec Power engineer
● Chat collaboration on incidents with Schneider Electric’s experts.
● Personalised reports coupled with expert recommendations for improvement

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