6 golden rules for datacentre relocations


Any relocation of assets introduces business risk.  The more sensitive the asset, the greater the potential harm.  This explains why it is so critical to employ a best-practice approach to datacentre relocations, regardless of how large or small the move.  It is never a straightforward process to unplug, dismantle and transport the elements of a datacentre environment.comtec-power-services

Comtec Power’s specialist datacentre relocations team has handled large moves for major European service providers and multinational corporations as well as full and partial relocation projects for mid to large sized organisations in almost every sector.

Here are our 6 golden rules to abide by when embarking on a successful datacentre relocation.

  1. Underwrite datacentre uptime with a defined relocation SLA

You already have a regime in place to mitigate downtime 24/7, so why should you make an exception when you need certainty the most?  Some degree of planned downtime is of course to be expected, though this should be minimised through a predefined service level agreement (SLA).  These SLAs are scoped for the various systems involved, with the relocation of each prioritised and managed accordingly.  The most stringent SLAs should be applied to the most critical systems.

  1. Inspire stakeholder confidence with a recognised project management methodology

In many of these projects, the relocation process involves relocating the data assets of your clients and your clients’ clients too.  Satisfying a range of anxious stakeholders is vital, and the best way to do this is through expert, PRINCE2-accredited relocation project managers.  This shows you are ticking all the boxes and taking every precaution to assess risk and ensure that a move is completed as smoothly as possible.  In our experience, success comes through comprehensive contingency planning.  Being prepared with detailed asset documentation and workplans, communications policies and strong project management skills are all imperative.

  1. Apply appropriate security controls

You are moving your most precious assets; a process that temporarily takes them outside of the secure, environmentally-controlled confines of a datacentre.  Maintaining vigilance of physical security is crucial, so make sure to keep track of inventories during your move.  In some instances, the confidential and sensitive nature of information held on IT storage equipment may warrant additional security measures throughout the relocation process, especially with a view to maintaining the necessary regulatory compliance.

  1. Ensure resourcing gaps don’t compromise your plans

The planning process often begin weeks or even months before the physical relocation exercise which, in comparative terms, is over in a flash.  A common pitfall here is investing all the planning time but failing to consider the internal resourcing impact of the move itself.  Your specialist datacentre relocation partner should be able to provide adequate resourcing cover to ensure that the move is professionally carried out without impacting on internal IT/facilities resource levels.

  1. Adhere to warranty rules and obtain extensive insurance coverage

Did you know that relocating your datacentre equipment can invalidate product warranties if not done correctly?  Our qualified engineers work with your IT and network suppliers to ensure SLAs and product warranties are not violated through removing and reinstalling equipment.  As a specialist datacentre relocations provider, we are also fully insured and indemnified, offering you complete peace of mind.

  1. Convert opportunities to achieve higher efficiency targets and corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals

Moving your datacentre is a great opportunity to right-size power and cooling solutions and aim for a better PUE ratio.  As a highly accredited and experienced datacentre expert , Comtec Power offers the full lifecycle package from initial design and build through to maintenance and ongoing management – as well as specialist datacentre relocation skills.  Post-move, we can also support sustainability objectives through the environmentally-responsible disposal of redundant equipment.

Organisations count on their datacentre performance, making the stressful process of successfully moving premises or facilities without a hitch more critical than ever before.

The smart approach is to use a specialist datacentre relocation provider with a track-record of successful moves and all the project management skills, specialist moving equipment, technical accreditations and insurances to back it up.

Contact me  to discuss your datacentre relocation requirements, or visit our dedicated IT Relocations microsite at www.itrelocation.co.uk

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