Friends With Benefits.

Friends With Benefits.

Nick Ewing, Director, Comtec Power

Our relationship with Schneider Electric began in 2005 when Comtec Power first partnered with APC. At that time we saw a great opportunity for InfraStruxure – APC’s integrated solution for data center physical infrastructure. As a well-known brand with an excellent reputation for ‘Legendary Reliability’, APC quickly became a central component of our go-to-market strategy, and the rest, as they say, is history.

While APC became part of the Schneider Electric family, we were busy growing our own business as an Elite Partner, quickly taking our place as one of the UK’s top three partners.  Our heritage as an established IT provider meant that the basis for any data centre project was always from the IT and infrastructure perspective. This approach resonated with customers and gave us a unique advantage in the implementation of effective data center power, cooling and management solutions.

As Schneider Electric continued to add to its range of data centre software and modular physical infrastructure, our ability to offer a wider range of services to a broader market has also increased. Our holistic and pragmatic approach to data center design, build, and management is based around the Schneider Electric offer as it is our belief that often customers primarily want a solution that has been designed together to work as a system. The fact that we can provide a fully flexible and custom-made data center using hardware and software from a single manufacturer not only gives confidence, it also provides a number of other operational and maintenance advantages.

So why has Schneider Electric become central to our strategy? Two words: innovation and expertise. Working alongside a principal with such a major investment in innovation and thought leadership has given us the opportunity to learn. For a decade, Schneider Electric has been at or near the centre of every major advance in the data centre physical layer and its management. A focus on education and a close working relationship means that we have been able to build and deploy our own dedicated services and installation team; supporting our customers with a more direct level of service throughout the data centre lifecycle.

Until recently the APC office was on our doorstep and personal communication was easy. But more recently we have achieved new levels of support and conversation using less conventional platforms. Social Media has opened up the door to a wider audience, broader range of industry topics and discussion, and enables us to engage and interact with our customers and colleagues around the globe. Our approach to Social Media reflects our campaign to simplify the complex life cycle of the data centre. Both have raised our profile as one of the most “Social Elite Partners” within Schneider Electric and in the data center markets in which we move.

Social media is helping us to maintain our relationship with Schneider Electric as we work collaboratively on a wide range of exciting data center projects in sectors from Oil and Gas to Travel and Satellite Navigation businesses, and from supporting Formula 1 teams’ aerodynamic developments to building University campus data centres. Our nine-year partnership has meant we have always had the right tools and the support to consistently deliver simple and effective solutions to our customers.

As they say, good business is built on relationships, and good relationships are based on good communications.

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