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Datacentre Management Software.

Maximise the efficient use of your datacentre


Where companies are challenging their IT department to cut costs, simplify processes and speed up the delivery of information, datacentre infrastructure management (DCIM) software can offer a clear value-add.

Industry analysts from Tier 1 and Gartner agree that the use of DCIM software is set to snowball. The legacy reporting systems that support older facilities are inadequate for modern, high density facilities as they need to accommodate constant capacity changes and dynamic loads. Tribal knowledge is no longer an acceptable way to manage the infrastructure that powers critical IT systems.

The DCIM market can appear complex and it is difficult to assess the large number of vendors, products and cost models available. Comtec Power can help you navigate the DCIM minefield and implement the right solution to maximise the efficient use of your available power, cooling and space. We can help you identify and switch ghost servers in the system; to spot opportunities for consolidating servers or facilities; to help you avoid unnecessary costs and reduce emissions.

Comtec Power is a Software Partner to Schneider Electric and has been involved in the DCIM market since its inception. Our credentials include successful deployments of datacentre software at the control level for process performance improvement, at the operations level for optimisation and analytics and with enterprise management to drive sustainability, ROI and reduced costs. Our depth of experience also means we can help you to avoid many of the pitfalls associated with datacentre software implementations.


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