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Comtec Power are offering a Comtec Data Centre Assessment (CDCA)

Your business trusts you to look after its IT services and protect its data. Are you confident that your data centre, server room or comms room will perform reliably in all situations, meeting business SLAs?

We’re offering a Comtec Data Centre Assessment (CDCA) to evaluate the efficiency of your data centre and report potential money-saving improvements. At the same time we’ll test the resilience of your UPS Systems and highlight any runtime issues.

Once completed, we will provide you with a report highlighting any potential risks, or equipment that needs replacing. And should we find that your data centre is performing just as it should, we’ll provide you with the written peace of mind that your facility is as robust and resilient as your business expects.


    Terms and conditions
    The Comtec Data Centre Assessment (CDCA) is subject to a pre qualification by a Comtec Data Centre Specialist prior to agreeing a visit date.

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